Society Registration

Starting from Rs. 10,000/- including Taxes.

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  • Best for communities, Club and Resident welfare Societies
  • Compulsory Registration and renewal
  • Not for earning profits
  • Needs a minimum of 7 members to start


Through the societies registration a legal formation is made by the community / association members. The society registration is taken under Societies Registration Act, 1960 from the registrar of society. A society can also be created for starting a NGO, School or a housing or Residence welfare society.

Society Registration Need seven or more persons to come together for a common Purpose and there is no maximum limit of the member is prescribed under law.

Society Registration Process

Society Registration Document Require Submission of document Registration Certificate
TaxAdvizer will discussed the Memorandum of Association and Rules and regulations for you Society and draft the MOA for the same. The processing time for the society Registration is about 10 to 15 days. TaxAdvizer will make a draft Trust Deed as per the discursion had with the Trustees. (I)Identities and Addresses of all the members will require.(II)Address of their registered office.(III)NOC from the owner of the registered office. TaxAdvizer will file all the required documents along with the application to the registrar of Society of particular district or state. After filing all required document the registrar of Society will issue a Registration certificate.