Change Director/Partner

Starting from Rs. 3,000/- including Taxes.

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  • Add a Director or Partner
  • Change the designation of Director or Partner
  • Change to another state.

Change of Directors /Designated Partner

The shareholder of company can appoint a director or remove a director form the company, as the same in case of LLP a new partner can be added or old partner can be removed from the firm. But one should considered the Legal provision for the same before taking a step. Talk to our Advisors today by just filing up the form on the above of the page.

Change of Directors /Designated Partne

Registered Director Change Advisory Related document and board Resolution Filing to ROC or Company Law Board
TaxAdvizer will help you to change in directorship or partner timely and conveniently. Our Advizer will discussed change you required and will guide you about the procedure. After the discursion our adviser will prepare the necessary board resolution and tell you about the other document required. Once the necessary Board Resolutions are passed and other document are collected, our Advizer will prepare and file the necessary application form with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to give effect the change.