Increase Authorized Capital

Starting from Rs. 5,000/- including Taxes.

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  • Increase Equity / preferential Share Capital
  • Add Venture Capital
  • Increase no of Share Holders

Increase Authorized Capital

The authorized capital of a Company denote the amount of share available with the company to be given to its shareholders. Authorised capital can be increase to get new capital fund, give Bonus issue or right issue to shareholders, a special resolution is required to increase the authorised capital and a applicable fee is also require to pay to ROC for the same.

The increase in Authorised capital is also require d to change the Memorandum of Association in capital clause. Talk to our Advisors today by just filing up the form on the above of the page.

Increase Authorized Capital

Increase in Authorised Capital Advisory Related document and board Resolution Filing to ROC or Company Law Board
TaxAdvizer will help you to increase your capital, this will take 7 to 10 day subject to ROC process Time. Our Advizer will discussed change you required and will guide you about the procedure. After the discursion our adviser will prepare the necessary board resolution and tell you about the other document required. Once the necessary Board Resolutions are passed and other document are collected, our Advizer will prepare and file the necessary application form with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to give effect the change.